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1.  How to Apply for a Library Card
2.  Library Privileges
3.  Borrowing Privileges
4.  Loss of Privileges
5.  Lost Items
6.  Circulation Times
7.  Overdue Fines and Notices

How to Apply for a Library Card

Here is what you need to apply for an Evergreen Indiana library card from the Franklin County Public Library District:

Residents in the following townships are included in the Franklin County Public Library District: Blooming Grove, Brookville, Fairfield, Laurel, Metamora, and Posey.  These Townships support the Library District with their property taxes.  If you reside in a township in Franklin County that does not belong to the Library District you may purchase a library card good for one year at the cost of $70.00.

Proper Identification must be presented to apply for an Evergreen Indiana library card.  Proper Identification is one of the following:

* A valid Indiana Driver’s License which displays a current address;
* Valid Indiana State ID which displays a current address; or
* A current government issued photo ID.

If your photo ID does not have a current Franklin County address, you must present one item from the Approved List in addition to the photo ID.

* Valid voter registration card
* Valid government-issued ID (e.g. passport or military ID)
* Recent bank statement (issued with the last sixty days)
* Recent utility bill (issued within the last sixty days)
* Property tax receipt

Library Use

Anyone can use the libraries.  For the purpose of borrowing materials, the Franklin County Public Library District offers Evergreen Indiana library cards to residents of Franklin County.  Applicants for an Evergreen Indiana library card must present the required approved identification in person at the Evergreen Indiana library that will issue the library card.  Library cards are not permitted to be used by persons other than the registered card holder.  Signing an Evergreen Indiana library card denotes acceptance of responsibility for all fines and fees and for payment for lost or damaged materials.

Borrowing Privileges

A patron must present a library card in good standing to borrow materials.  In most cases, a maximum of 100 items may be charged simultaneously on an Evergreen Indiana library card.  There is a maximum limit of 10 DVDs, 10 videos, and 1 gaming software item per Evergreen Indiana library card.  The 100 item, 10 DVD, 10 video, and 1 gaming software limits are calculated at the consortium level and not at the library level.

If you forget your library card, you should:
* Return to the library after retrieving your library card (in this instance, materials may be held for a limited time pending your return).
* Purchase a replacement library card for $2.

Loss of Privileges

A patron’s access to materials may be limited due to overdue materials or fines and fees.  A patron’s card will be blocked, and no services may be obtained with it if the patron has 15 or more overdue items, or owes $10 or more in unpaid fines and/or fees.  The number of overdue materials and/or amount of fines/fees that will result in a patron being blocked is calculated at the consortium level and not at the library level.  A patron may also be barred if circumstances warrant.

Lost Items

A patron may inform library staff that an item is lost.  The replacement cost of the item, the outstanding fines, and a processing fee of $10 per item will be assessed to the patron’s card.  If third party collection services are used, a fee for collection services will be added to the patron’s record.  Lost items shall be paid for at the billing Evergreen Indiana library.  No refund will be given to a patron for a lost item for which a patron has paid.  Fines, fees and third party collection fees are not refundable.

Circulation Times

21 days – Books, Audiobooks, & Phonics/Math Kits
14 days – Music CDs
7 days – Videotapes, DVDs, Software, & Magazines

The following items remain in the libraries and may not be checked out: newspapers, reference materials, genealogy, local history materials, the latest issue of magazines, and the LCD projector.  All items that circulate may be renewed once.  Items that are on hold for another library patron may not be renewed.

Overdue Fines & Notices

Evergreen Indiana grants a one-day grace period, so that materials returned one day after the due date will not accrue a fine.  Once the one-day grace period has passed, fines will include the charge for the grace day.  All overdue circulating materials will be charged at the rate of 25 cents per day, per item.  There is a $10 fine cap per item.

Save money in unnecessary fines by keeping your email address current in the library’s records.  Patrons with current email addresses will receive the following email notices:

* Email pre-notice sent 3 days prior to the due date.
* Email notice sent on the day the item is due.

Patrons who do not have an email address or do not keep their email address current in the library’s records will only receive the following notices:

* First mailed notice via USPO will be sent 14 days after the item is overdue.
* Second mailed notice via USPO will be sent 28 days after the item is overdue.

Overdue notices are sent via email and/or U.S. First Class mail as a courtesy by the libraries.  Failure to receive notices does not exempt patrons from the responsibility for payment for library materials or overdue fines and fees.

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