Franklin County History-Related Sites

The Buckley’s of Fairfield, Franklin County, IN:  Sponsored and maintained by Lyndon Irwin of Missouri about the former town of Fairfield and his family’s connection with it.

Fairfield, Indiana:  Sponsored by John Updike of Valparaiso, Indiana about the former town and people of Fairfield.

Franklin County Historical Society:  Gathers history of the Franklin County community.

Call Julie at 765-647-4031, Ext. 1103 for availability and shipping details of the the following Franklin County Public Library District Publications:

Fairfield School Memorial Edition

Fairfield School Yearbook

Since the Fairfield School never had a yearbook, Marilyn and I gathered as many photos of the school and the students as we could find to create a memorial yearbook. We also spent time trying to document teachers‘ names and information concerning the schools themselves, because up until 2012, it hadn‘t been done. Unfortunately most of the very early Fairfield Township school records that the teachers kept could not be located at this time. They are either in private hands or have been destroyed.

Cost:  $15

Fairfield: The Town Under The Lake

Fairfield:  The Town Under The Lake

The purpose of this book is to document, as best as we possibly can, with the resources we have access to, the town of Fairfield, and the sections of Fairfield Township in Franklin County and Harmony Township in Union County that were sacrificed and destroyed for the creation of the Brookville Dam and Reservoir. This book is a combination of analecta. It consists of personal stories and memories from former residents of Fairfield and individuals who remember the town and the areas surrounding it, and it consists of abstracts from news reports and contemporary events.

Cost:  $25

Remembering Those Who Serve

Remembering Those Who Served:  Veterans and Service Personnel of Franklin County, Indiana

The purpose behind compiling Remembering Those Who Served was to create a public awareness of the thousands of individuals associated with Franklin County who selflessly sacrificed their own well-being for our country and its people through military service. We wanted to acknowledge as many servicemen and servicewomen as we possibly could, not only to show our gratitude and thankfulness, but to create a database that future historians and genealogists could work from and even build upon.

Cost $65