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The Brookville Indiana Library Room
The Brookville Indiana Library Room

Concerning Franklin County information our collection at the Brookville library currently contains over 600 vertical files on various topics including surnames and local history subjects. We also have approximately 100 family histories in bound format as well as a small collection of family Bibles, high school annuals, indexes to county vital records and genealogical notes that reference items that were in the newspapers from 1827-1900, and a collection of local newspapers on microfilm from 1833 to the present day.

Our genealogy and local history rooms are open the same hours as both libraries. We offer free of charge, to any patrons visiting either library facility, the opportunity to use Ancestry Library Edition or Heritage Quest. The sites are available on any computer in both the Brookville and Laurel libraries. The branch library at Laurel has duplicate copies of the family files located at Brookville as well as duplicate copies of the vital records indexes and a few editions of the microfilmed newspapers. Each library has special and unique items in their collections. If you plan to visit the area, feel free to call ahead and see which library will best serve your needs.

Click on the following to view a sampling of some of the unique items  in our collection.



1937 Brooklet Yearbook

Phone Books

1910 Brookville Indiana Phone Book


Gap School Diary


1906 Brookville Democrat

1910 Brookville Indiana Phone Book