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See also Franklin County Publications page regarding indexes of these books.

Franklin County Poor FarmThe Franklin County Poor Farm, also called the County Infirmary, was located where the Franklin County Fair Grounds is, on County Park Rd., off of Blue Creek Rd., just southwest of Brookville. Only one small structure remains of the original poor farm complex. This photo was taken by Franklin County Historian, Don Dunaway about 1960.No information about the infirmary inmates is known to exist. As a result, The Poor Farm – Infirmary Index listed here was created by the library staff as an aid for helping researchers and genealogists to identify possible family connections to that facility.
Research and History of Laurel Township, Last of the River TownsThe book Research and History of Laurel Township, Last of the Rivertowns was compiled and privately printed by James Day. It took five years of research for Day to complete his project. The index was created in 2014 by library staff and a library volunteer.  Click here to download the index for this book.
Index of Landowners for the 1925 Atlas and World War Historical Data of Franklin County, INThe 1925 Atlas of Franklin County, Indiana not only contains plat maps of the county, it also contains historical data with reference to World War I  activities in Franklin County. The information for this book was collected and compiled by Harry M. Stoops and Roscoe C. O’Byrne. The index for this book created by library staff in 2014, is for the landowners names only, the added township listing is not posted. The index is not comprehensive of the entire volume nor does it contain any information for the soldiers listed within it.
Franklin County: A Glimpse of the PastThe book Franklin County: A Glimpse of the Past was compiled in 2008 in celebration of our county’s bicentennial. It was a collaborative effort between our local newspaper, Whitewater Publications, and the Franklin County Public Library District. Contributions for this publication came from local residents as well as former residents that live all across the United States. This book was printed with no index, so library staff created one to make it more user-friendly as it provides wonderful genealogy and local history information. This book is still available and may be purchased from Whitewater Publications, Inc.They can be reached at: 531 Main St. – P.O. Box 38 – Brookville, IN 47012 Telephone 765-647-4221 or Email at
The Photography of Ben WinansThe book The Photography of Ben Winans of Brookville, Indiana 1902-1926 was compiled by Franklin County Historian, Donald Dunaway in 2001. This book contains no index, so library staff created one to aid those doing genealogy and local history research. This book is still available from the Franklin County Historical Society (see link to their website) as well as from the Indiana Historical Society.
Pioneer Cemeteries of Franklin CountyThe book Pioneer Cemeteries of Franklin County, Indiana was compiled by the Vice President of the Franklin County Cemetery Commission, Ed Baker. It lists many interments of Franklin County’s oldest cemeteries by the township in which each burying ground is located. To aid those conducting genealogy and local history research, Karen Creamer, the Franklin County Gen Web coordinator created an all name, alphabetical index for this volume. This book is currently out of print, but an electronic version of it may be obtained from the cemetery commission for a donation made to that organization. Any questions concerning the names that appear in this index can be made via the “Contact Us” page.More information about the Franklin County Cemetery Commission and the volunteer opportunities it offers can be obtained from anyone of the following members:
President, Don Dunaway…765-647-4763
Vice President, Ed Baker…765-647-5634
Member, Julie Schlesselman…765-647-4031
Landowner Index for the 1933 Wall Map of Franklin County

Since few documents exist to show landownership between the 1925 Franklin County Atlas and the 1966 Plat Directory of Franklin County, this index was created to help researchers determine if their ancestors lived in Franklin County during the 1930’s.