Updated January 2015


The Franklin County Recorder’s Office is located at 1010 Franklin Avenue, Suite 110, Brookville, IN 47012, one block from the Brookville Library.  Their phone number is 765-647-5131 and general email is recorder@franklincounty.in.gov.  They are open 8:30-4 pm Monday-Friday.  Occasionally they will do searches for an individual, however because such a task is so time consuming, they ask that individuals submit a SASE along with the book and page number of the item they want copied.  A payment must be included.  Copies from the Recorder’s Office are $1.00 each. Digital images are permitted but the patron will be charged $1.00 per image just like a copy. Digital images, of items in the newspapers only, are permitted free of charge. The Recorder’s Office has some of the following items: contemporary plat maps and easements, deeds, land entries and Franklin County newspapers in bound format.  (Property overviews of land are located in the Assessor’s Office, at the same address.)


The Franklin County Health Department is located at 1010 Franklin Avenue Suite 210, Brookville, IN 47012, one block from the Brookville Library.  Their Phone number is 765-647-4322. They are open 8:30-4 pm Monday-Friday and are closed 12-1 pm for lunch.  The local Health Department has information concerning births and deaths from 1882 to the present day.  The books are organized by year and events listed as they occurred.  The office personnel can do a search for individual only if the request is narrowed down to a year, and the request must be submitted with a SASE and a payment.  The Health Department charges $15.00 for a certified copy of a birth or death certificate, and may charge a fee for research services. Non-certified copies are .10 cents a page.


The Franklin County Clerk’s Office is still located at the county court house at 459 Main Street, Brookville, IN 47012.  They are open Monday-Friday 8:30-4 pm and closed 12-1 pm for lunch.  Their phone number is 765-647-5111 and general email is clerk@franklincounty.in.gov.  The Clerk’s Office houses wills and marriage records, as well as divorce records, civil records and criminal records.  The office will send you a copy if you send a SASE along with a payment.  You must know a book and page number or specific date to make a request.  They will not do searches for individuals.  Reproductions of all court records are $1.00 a page and copies of non-judicial records are .10 cents a page.